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HP-23D Rebuild Kit

Components parts to renew any of the Heathkit HP-23 and PS-23 series of power supplies.  See HP-23D for more details.

See unsolicited YouTube VIDEO showing construction of a kit by Peter Toth, VE4TTH.  




(see below)

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6 Foot Set plus hardware

NEW feet set & hardware for the 5-band HW/SB transceivers.  See NEW FEET for more details.




8a.JPG (98912 bytes) HP-23D bare PCB and download link for complete instructions and parts listing. 

HP-23D unpopulated Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and link to download instructions and parts list.  No parts are included.  See eBay listing for this item for more details.  

PCB-2 $22.95


(See NOTE 1 Below Left)


  NOTE 1:  I'm going out of the Heathkit Parts business and am willing to sell one of my biggest profit makers, the PCB-2.  I've sold hundreds of these over the years and still sell about a hundred a year.  If you want to sell these yourself for a nice profit I'll sell 100 brand new printed circuit boards for $1,100.00 including the files and rights to use my detailed building instructions and parts list.  You could make even more per board if you also supplied the actual parts that go onto the PCB like I used to do.  This sale also includes the copyright on the PCB and information on where I buy these boards in quantity at great prices so you can sell hundreds more PCB's and/or full kits.  If interested, contact me at .

Bob, K8GNZ  


**  Complete kits will probably not be offered anymore.  Consider ordering the PCB with instructions and parts list for download above (No. PCB-2) and obtain the other parts yourself.  

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