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Use the information on this page to help you obtain the correct parts for completing the PCB.  

Description Quantity  Mouser or Manufacturer's Number* Current Cost (1)  Totals
Printed Circuit Board 1 included -  
Instruction CD 1 included -  
100K, 3 watt metal oxide resistor 5 283-100K-RC .26 each 1.30
10K, 2watt metal oxide resistor 2 282-10K-RC .24 each .48
1K, 3 watt metal oxide resistor 1 283-1.0K-RC .26  .26
27K, 2 watt metal oxide resistor 1 282-27K-RC .24  .24
1 amp, 1000 PIVdiode   7 1N4007 .16 each 1.12
47 ufd, 450 volt radial capacitor  (3) 1 EKXG451ELL470MM25S 2.31 2.31
47 ufd, 200 or 250 volt radial capacitor  (4) 2 EKXJ201ELL470MJ20S .85 each 1.70
150 ufd, 450 volt snap in capacitor  (5) 4 381LX151M450K022 3.80 each 15.20
1/4 X 5/8 threaded 6x32 standoff  (6) 3 728-FC2106-632-A .25 each .75
14 piece mounting hardware kit  (7) 1 obtain locally -  
Hole Cover  (8) 1 obtain locally  -  
      Total (1) $23.36

* Part or manufacturer's number.  Use to order parts or to see part specifications if ordering elsewhere.

    Make sure any substitute capacitor you use meets the size requirements shown below in (3), (4) and (5).     

(1) Mouser's cost as of March 13, 2017 excluding shipping (subject to change).  Other sources

     of parts may be Newark Electronics, Allied Electronics, and Digi-Key.  

Get the latest Mouser prices by clicking on CART (9) [see below] which takes you to a Mouser shopping cart 

with the above components preloaded.  They have economy shipping for $4.99.  If any items are shown as backordered

you may have to delete that item and substitute an in stock compatible item.  They usually stock several compatible 150 ufd 

450 volt capacitors so it might be worthwhile to look and see if an alternate capacitor is priced better than the one listed.  

(2) reserved

(3) Lead spacing 7.5 mm, maximum dimensions are: diameter 18 mm and 30 mm height.  

(4) Lead spacing 5 mm, maximum dimensions are: diameter 11 mm and 30 mm height.   

(5) Lead spacing 10 mm, maximum dimensions are: diameter 30 mm and 30 mm height.  

HINT:  Check the various distributors for the capacitors as prices and availability can vary greatly since alternates may be available at better prices.  

Just make sure they meet the type, maximum size and rating requirements.  

(6) 1/2" long standoffs may be used instead of 5/8" standoffs.  

(7) Additional hardware includes 3 1" 6x32 screws, 6 #6 lock washers, 3 6x32 nuts and 2 #10 3/8 self taping screws for screen cover.  Obtain 

     from your junk box or at Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, etc.  

(8) Some type of cover over the chassis holes is mandatory to protect against contact with the high voltages.  The cover should be perforated 

so that it can dissipate heat.  We used 1/4" square wire screen cut to have a rectangular shape of 12 by 17 1/4" squares which was attached 

to the chassis with the self tapping screws.  You may be comfortable using something else for the cover but make sure it is safe and ventilated.  

(9) see below:

7-24-2017 --  Substitution of Mouser part No. 661-ESMR451N151MP30S for the 150 uFd capacitors in the shopping cart would save you about $4.00.  (price change 9-16-2017)

8-12-2017 -- Mouser part No. 282-10K-RC may be substituted for the last item in the shopping cart if it is currently not available. 

9-16-2017 -- Mouser part No. 660-MOS3CT631R104J  may be substituted for item 283-100K-RC in the shopping cart if it is currently not available. 

9-16-2017 -- Mouser part No. 282-10K-RC  may be substituted for item 279-ROX2SJ10K in the shopping cart if it is currently not available.

9-16-2017 -- Mouser part No. 5985-381-450V150 could be a substitution for the 150 uFd capacitors in the shopping cart if needed or more cost effective.  

11-14-2017 -- There appears to be some problem with the listing of parts in the Mouser shopping cart.  I'm working on that now and hope to get it corrected soon.  For now use this link:   CART   but make sure it has all the right parts, or acceptable substitutes, shown in the list of parts above.  Cart above appears to be missing the two 10K resistors.  

11-18-2017 -- Still working on cart but appears might be a Mouser software glitch.  For now, click on CART PICTURE to see a cart with recommended parts.  You will have to renter those parts numbers in your own cart as this one is just a picture of a cart.  Prices and availability may be different in real time.   

1-17-18 -- It appears that Mouser is currently out of the 47/450 capacitor.  A substitute for this could be Mouser Part No. 80-ESH476M450AM7AA  which is about a dollar less in price.  

2-3-18 -- The latest cart picture which includes the capacitor substitution above can be seen by clicking on LATEST CART


The above list does not necessarily suggest all of the possible part substitutions available in the Mouser shopping cart because of availability or price and other distributors may have more substitutions and/or better pricing.  

Because of the low price of the PCB and CD we can not offer any assistance in ordering 

your parts to complete the kit.  It may require looking at other part distributors to 

get the lowest prices, especially for capacitors.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Illustrated parts may be slightly different looking than the parts you obtain.

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