BRAND NEW RELAYS  for the Heathkit SB-100, SB-101 & SB-102 Transceivers.  

Have a transceiver with an intermittent condition or just want a brand new relay to replace that aged one?  Eliminate a potential relay problem and help put that classic back into "good as new" condition with one or two brand new, direct replacement, relays.   

This new relay, part number R1, has been tested to be a direct plug-in replacement to the original Heathkit 69-35 relays used in the above rigs.  (Not for use with the HW-100 or HW-101 since they require a relay which has a mounting screw on it's base.) 

These are not Heathkit relays, but are fresh, newly made relays by a major manufacturer and have been tested to work fine in these three transceivers.   Relays may differ slightly in appearance from pictures above.  

Brand new shinny contacts and plug-in terminals!  You should never have to worry about a relay problem for another 30 years with these relays.  

NOTE:  The two relays in these radios have their energizing coils connected in series.  Thus, one relay can affect the operation of the other.  If you have standard 69-35 relays in your radio, there should be no problem in replacing just one with our new R1, unless the other relay is bad.  However, a lot of the original 69-35 relays were replaced with various other relays over the years because a new 69-35 was impossible to find.  Some of those replacements had coils with a much different resistance than the original 69-35 coil, and may not work properly with the new R1 relay.  It is advisable to replace both relays if replacing just one would leave a non-standard relay in the circuit.

Order part number R1 or R2 from the cart page.  

New relay sockets are now available for the above SB- transceivers.  These are brand new and will snap right into the opening in the chassis (opening is 1.01 x .86 inches).  

These could also be used with sockets in the HW- transceivers that use this same relay but would require a modification to the chassis to provide the rectangular socket opening mentioned above.  

Order part number SOC from the cart page.

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